How to back up your database from the PrestaShop admin panel

You can back up the MySQL database used by your PrestaShop application from the backend of your store.

After you log in to the admin panel of your store click on the Tools tab and then on the DB Backup sub-tab. On the page that opens there should be a disclaimer and at the end of that disclaimer a button I read the disclaimer – Create a new Backup. So to make a new backup click on that button. After you do it there will appear a message at the top of the page: It appears that the Backup was successful, however, you must download and carefully verify the Backup file.

You can find the file on your PrestaShop hosting account in the backups folder which is in your admin directory. If, for example, your admin directory is called new_admin and your PrestaShop is installed in the root public_html directory on your account, the path to the backups folder would be public_html/new_admin/backups. The database should be compressed in the .bz2 format. You can download the file from the Files section of the Pixie control panel or you can use an FTP client.

If you go back to the DB Backup sub-tab of your store's backend, you'll see the backup listed in a table just below the disclaimer. If you click on the view icon for that backup, you'll be prompted to download the backup to your local computer. So you can also download the backup file from the admin panel. From the same table you can also delete the backup file by clicking on the respective icon (a trash can).

However, you can't restore your database from the backend of your store. You can do this through phpMyAdmin. For more information check out the tutorial on importing databases using phpMyAdmin.

You can also use phpMyAdmin to create a back up of the database used by your PrestaShop or any of your databases. If you need more information on this, read the tutorial on backing up your site. The second part is on backing up the database.

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