How to add and manage currencies and payment module restrictions in PrestaShop

PrestaShop comes prepackaged with integrated payment modules and with three preconfigured currencies: the dollar, the euro, and the pound. You can add or remove payment module restrictions and you can add new currencies and manage the existing ones from the Payment tab of your store's backend.

After you log in to your store's backend click on the Payment tab and you'll see displayed three sections with payment module restrictions: Currencies restrictions, Groups restrictions, Countries restrictions.

Each section has a table with checkboxes in it. You can mark or unmark the checkboxes to remove or add restrictions. For example, you can restrict a currency to a particular payment method, you can allow a group of customers to use only a certain payment method(s), you can restrict customers from a particular country to be able to pay only using a particular payment method(s), etc. After you make any changes click on the Save restrictions button under the table.

To manage currencies click on the Currencies sub-tab of the Payment tab. You'll see a table with the three default currencies. You can use the respective icons in that table to enable, disable, edit and delete the currencies. Under the table there's a drop-down menu from which you can change the default currency, and under it there's a button Update currency rates with which, as the name suggests, you can update the conversion rates. To add a new currency click on the Add new button that's above the table with the currencies and configure the options.

For some more details and screenshots you can also check out our PrestaShop payment restrictions tutorial and our PrestaShop currencies tutorial.

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