PrestaShop 1.4 Payment Module Restrictions Tutorial

How to add and manage payment module restrictions in PrestaShop

In PrestaShop you can set different payment module restrictions in terms of what currencies can be used with a particular payment method, which customer groups are allowed to use a payment method, which countries are allowed to use a payment method. All this can be done from the backend of your PrestaShop store.

After you log in click on the Payment tab. On the Payment tab homepage are the payment module restrictions:

Payment Tab Page

There are three sections on the Payment tab page: Currencies restrictions, Groups restrictions, Countries restrictions.

In the section Currencies restrictions there's a table with the available and enabled currencies and with the installed and enabled payment modules. By default, PrestaShop comes preconfigured to work with three currencies: dollars, euros and British pounds. You can disable any of these currencies or add new ones. To learn how to add and manage currencies, check our PrestaShop Currencies tutorial. Each payment method that you have installed and enabled is represented by an icon in the table. For example, on the screenshot below there are four payment methods (bank wire, check, Moneybookers, PayPal):

Currencies Restrictions Section

You can hover the mouse pointer over the icon to see the name of the payment method. Under the icon there are checkboxes or buttons. To make a currency available with a particular method just mark the corresponding checkbox, or unmark it to make it unavailable.

When you enable any of the payment methods that are integrated into PrestaShop, the payment method's icon will be added to this table. For more information on payment modules and methods check out the tutorial on how to add payment methods in PrestShop.

The second section on the Payment tab page is Groups restrictions. In that section there's a table similar to the one for the currencies restrictions. The difference is that from this table you can make a payment method available or unavailable to a particular customer group.

Groups Restrictions Section

For example, you may want to create a customer group which you want to restrict to only one payment method. By default, there's only one customer group; it's called Default and includes all customers. If you need more information on how to create customer groups, read the article on adding customer groups in PrestaShop.

The last section on the Payment tab page is Countries restrictions:

Countries Restrictions Section

You can use the table in this section to make payment methods unavailable/available to customers from certain countries. What's taken into account here is the billing address that the customer has specified. For example, if the customer's billing address is in Belgium and you have disabled PayPal for Belgium by unmarking the corresponding checkbox, the customer won't be able to choose the PayPal payment method at the payment step of the check out process, despite the fact that PayPal is generally enabled for your store. Some payment methods are preconfigured to be available only to particular countries.

After you make changes in any of the three sections don't forget to click on the Save restrictions button that's under the table in the particular section.