How to add or remove footer links in PrestaShop

Every PrestaShop installation (full mode) comes preconfigured with several footer links. You can manage most of these links from the backend of your store. Others can be removed by modifying the code of the file blockcms.tpl.

You can remove footer links or add new ones from the settings of the CMS Block module. To access them, log in to the backend of your PrestaShop, click on the Modules tab, then select Front Office Features and click on the Configure button for the module CMS Block. From the options for that module you can either remove all the footer links as a group, or you can remove just some of them (e.g. Powered by PrestaShop, Terms and conditions of use, About us). Other default footer links, however, can't be removed from these settings. These include the links: Specials, New products, Top sellers, Our stores, Contact us. From the settings for that module you can also add links to CMS pages.

The Our stores link can be removed from the backend. Go to the Tools tab, then to the Stores sub-tab and mark the No button for the option Display in the footer.

In case you want to keep some of the footer links, but you want to remove others that can't be removed from the backend of your store, you can do this by modifying the file blockcms.tpl (e.g. public_html/prestashop/modules/blockcms/blockcms.tpl). At the bottom of that file you'll find a piece of code for each of the links that you can't remove otherwise. To remove the particular link you have to delete or comment out the code for the corresponding link. By inserting a line of code you can also add a new link.

For more details check out the PrestaShop Footer Links Tutorial.

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