How to optimize the performance of PrestaShop

Here are some suggestions on how to speed up your PrestaShop:

  • Update the application when there's a new stable release.
  • Don't install too many third party modules and add-ons.
  • Optimize the size of your images. Use image formats that are less demanding in terms of size (e.g. JPEG).
  • Switch from CGI to FastCGI.
  • Optimize the MySQL database used by your PrestaShop application.
  • From the backend of your PrestaShop generate an .htaccess file with the Optimization option selected (Tools tab>Generators sub-tab).
  • Make sure that the Smarty Force Compile option is disabled and the Smarty Cache option is enabled (backend>Preferences tab>Performance sub-tab).
  • Enable the Combine, Compress and Cache options (backend>Preferences tab>Performance sub-tab). Leave disabled only the last option: High risk HTML compression.
  • Enable the File System Cache (backend>Preferences tab>Performance sub-tab).

For some more details and screenshots check out the HostKnox PrestaShop Optimization Tutorial.

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