How to configure grouped modules in SugarCRM

By default, when you log in to your SugarCRM account (both admins and regular users) in the navigation bar there are a few menus that group the tabs linking to the different SugarCRM core modules. These default menus are Sales, Marketing, Support, Activities, Collaboration. When you hover the mouse pointer over one of these menus the module tabs belonging to this group appear underneath. Administrators can remove and add modules to a particular group; they can remove or rename an existing group, or they can add a new group.

To do this, after you log in click on the Admin link in the upper right corner. Then on the admin panel scroll down to the section labeled Developer Tools and click on the button Configure Grouped Modules.

After you do it you'll see a list of all the modules, and next to this list you'll see a column for each group. At the top of each column is the name of the group (e.g. Sales, Marketing, etc.), and below are listed all the modules in that group in the order that they are displayed in the navigation bar. The groups themselves are ordered in the way that they appear in the navigation bar. Right under the name of each group there are a couple of buttons; the first one is for editing the group's name and the second one is for deleting the whole group. You can also change the position of a group. To do this hover the mouse pointer over the group's name; it will turn into a four-arrow cursor. Hold the left mouse button and drag the module group to the place of one of the other groups. You can change the positions of modules within a group in the same way (by dragging and dropping them to the desired spot within the group).

To remove a module from a group use the same method to drag the module and drop it from the group into the trash can that's on the left side of the groups (just above the list with all the modules). To add a module to a group drag that module from the list on the left and drop it into the column for the particular group. Under the existing groups there's a button Add Group. To create a new group simply click on that button, then name the new group and put the modules that you want to be in that group.

After you make any changes click on the button Save & Deploy.

Users can choose whether the tabs in the navigation bar are to be displayed in groups or not. To do this users have to click on their name in the upper right corner of SugarCRM. This will display the settings for their account. Then they have to click on the Advanced tab to find the option in question.

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