How to remove the short description of products from the homefeatured block in PrestaShop

By default on the homepage of your PrestaShop store there's a Featured Products block which displays some products that you have placed directly in the Home category. The block shows the price, the picture and the short description of the products.

If you want to hide the description displayed in the featured block, you can do it by modifying the code of the homefeatured.tpl file. Assuming that your PrestaShop is installed directly in the public_html directory of your PrestaShop hosting account, then the path to the file would be public_html/modules/homefeatured/homefeatured.tpl. You can edit the file from the Files section of the Pixie control panel, or you can download it with an FTP client, make the change with a text editor (e.g. Notepad), and then upload it back overwriting the old file.

Comment out the following code (or delete it):

<div class="product_desc">
<a href="{$}" title="{l s='More' mod='homefeatured'}">

To comment it out put an exclamation mark and two hyphens after the first bracket (e.g. <!--div), and two hyphens before the last bracket (e.g. /div-->). Later, if you change your mind and you want to display the description again just remove the exclamation mark and the hyphens.

When you make changes to template files you should enable the Force Compile option in order to see the change on the frontend. You can do this from the back office (Preferences tab>Performance sub-tab). Once you make sure the change can be seen on the frontend disable the force compile.

Don't forget that modifications to core files are lost during an upgrade, so you should keep a record of all modifications.

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