How to change the positions of modules in PrestaShop

In PrestaShop, as well as adding and removing modules, you can move existing modules to different positions. This is particularly useful if you want to change the positions of the blocks that appear in the left and/or right column of your store's frontend.

To change the places of modules, log in to the backend of your store, click on the Modules tab and then on the Positions sub-tab. On the Positions page you'll be shown a list of modules grouped into different positions (Right column blocks, Left column blocks, Footer, etc.). These positions are also called hooks.

A position can have more than one module in it. To move a module within a position either use the arrows in front of the module's name or place the mouse pointer between these arrows and the name, and when the pointer turns into a four-arrow cursor click the left mouse button, hold it and drag the module to the desired place. This way you can move modules only within a position (hook).

To move a module from one position to the other (e.g. from the left to the right column), delete the module from the position from which you want to remove it by clicking on its delete icon (a trash can). Then click on the Transplant a module button in the upper left corner of the Positions sub-tab page. A page with a few settings will be displayed. From the Module drop-down menu select the particular module, then from the drop-down menu Hook into select the position (hook) where you want the module to appear. Click on the Save button to finish the process. After the module is transplanted you can move it to the desired place within the position.

Another way to move and transplant modules is to use the live edit. Click on the Run LiveEdit button on the right side of the Positions sub-tab page. PrestaShop will automatically open the frontend of your store. The modules will be marked and labeled, and you can use the respective icon (four arrows) to drag the modules to the desired spot, or you can use the delete icon to remove the module from the frontend. After you're done click on the Save button in the lower left corner of the screen to save the new configuration, or click on the button Close LiveEdit to exit the edit screen without saving.

For some more information, screenshots and examples check out the tutorial on changing the positions of modules in PrestaShop.

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