How to speed up Joomla

Here are some tips on how to speed up your Joomla site:

  • Enable caching. Cache is disabled by default. You can enable it from your site's admin panel. Go to Global Configuration and then click on the System tab. There you'll find the cache options. There's also a cache plugin that comes with the Joomla installation. To enable it, go to your backend's Plugin Manager and enable the plugin System-Cache. It's possible that the System-Cache plugin may cause some problems. If it does, simply disable it.
  • Enable gzip compression from your site's backend. Go to Global Configuration>Server tab and set Gzip Page Compression to Yes.
  • Update your site when there is a new stable Joomla version.
  • Don't install too many extensions. Install extensions that you need. Remove any old extensions that you don't use any more.
  • Don't use too many images. The more images you have, the slower the site. Optimize the resolution and file size of the images you want to use on your site. You can also use online tools such as Yahoo's to optimize the file size of your images.
  • Enable FastCGI for your account. You can do that from the PHP Settings section of the Pixie control panel.
  • Optimize your Joomla database regularly. You can do that with phpMyAdmin.
  • Minify your CSS and Javascript files. Minify is a PHP application for merging and optimizing CSS and Javascript files. To use this option, you can either download the application from and follow the set up instructions found there, or you can find and install a Joomla extension that performs the same things.

For some more details you can also read the tutorial on speeding up Joomla.

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