How to create and manage product suppliers in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6

In PrestaShop there are settings with which you can add and manage product suppliers. If you buy products not from their original manufacturer but from some other supplier, you can use these settings to add that supplier(s) and associate it with the particular products. This is all optional.

On the frontend there's a Suppliers block that lists the enabled suppliers. When a customer selects a supplier this will display the page of that supplier on your site. On this page are listed the products associated with the supplier.

Add Suppliers

To add suppliers, go to Catalog menu>Suppliers sub-menu in the admin panel and click on the button Add new supplier (in PrestaShop 1.5 the button is just Add new). This will open the page with the supplier settings. Type the name in the corresponding field and optionally use the built-in text editor to type a description. The description is shown on the supplier's page on the frontend. There are a bunch of settings for the phone number and address of the supplier. Under them are the SEO options: Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords. Use them to respectively specify the supplier's name/title, description and keywords to be used by search engines. The meta title and description are shown on search engine result pages, and the title is shown at the top of browsers when the supplier's page is opened.

If you want to upload an image to be used as the logo for the supplier, you can do this from the Logo option. Click on the Add file button next to the field and select the image from your local computer. It will be uploaded once the supplier is saved. The last option is Enable; it's set to No by default. To be able to associate products with this supplier and show its page on the frontend set this option to Yes.

After you configure the options click on the Save button.

Manage Existing Suppliers

When you go to Catalog menu>Suppliers sub-menu in the admin panel you'll see a table with the existing suppliers. To view the products associated with a supplier click on its row in the table or on its View button. Next to the View button there's an arrow. When you click on it a drop-down menu will expand. It contains the buttons Edit and Delete. You can use them respectively to edit the settings of the supplier or to delete it.

In PrestaShop 1.5 there's no such drop-down menu in the table with the existing suppliers. The buttons for viewing, editing and deleting a supplier are in the last table column. They are icons that look respectively like a magnifying glass, a pencil and a trash can.

Associate Products with Suppliers

You can associate a product with one or more suppliers from the options of that product. On the form for adding/editing products there's a Suppliers tab on the left. On the page that opens when you click on it you'll see a table with the enabled suppliers. To associate the product with a supplier mark the checkbox in front of the name of the supplier. You can mark more than one supplier. In this case you can select the default one (there are radio buttons on the right side of the names of the suppliers). After you select the supplier(s) click on the Save and stay button. After you do this in the Product Reference(s) section on the same page you'll see a table for each of the marked suppliers. It lists the name of the product and its combinations, if any. There are a few settings that you can configure. You can specify a supplier reference for that product, the price per unit at which you bought the product from the supplier and the used currency. If you configure these options don't forget to click on the Save or on the Save and stay button.

For screenshots and some more details you can also read the tutorial on how to add and manage suppliers in PrestaShop.

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