How to manage PrestaShop order statuses

To manage order statuses and add new ones log in to your PrestaShop backend and click on the Statuses sub-tab of the Orders tab. You'll see a table with the preconfigured order statuses. To change the settings of a status simply click on its name in the table. This will display its options. You can change its name, color, icon, email template; you can also enable/disable email notification for that status and you can allow customers to download an invoice when the order has that particular status.

To add a new status click on the Add new button above the table with the existing statuses and configure the options.

You can change the status of an order from the respective drop-down menu that's on the page with the details for that order. You can view the information page of any order by clicking on the Orders tab and then selecting the order from the list that's there.

For more detailed instructions and screenshots on how to manage order statuses you can check our PrestaShop Order Statuses Tutorial.

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