How to create and manage credit slips in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6

In PrestaShop you can create credit slips when you mark products as returned. The credit slips can be downloaded and viewed by customers. They are used to confirm that you have received and refunded the products that the customer returned.

In this article we'll briefly show you how to create credit slips and download and manage them. For screenshots and more details you can visit the tutorial on how to manage credit slips in PrestaShop.

Create Credit Slips

As we mentioned, a credit slip for returned products is created when you mark these products as returned. This is done from the order details page. Go to Orders menu>Orders sub-menu in the admin panel and select the order. On the order details page click on the button Return products. It's at the top of the page. This will automatically display the Products block on the same page. In the block there are options for marking the products in the order as returned. Under the product list there are a few checkboxes. One of these checkboxes is Generate a credit card slip. So mark the checkbox, and after you click on the button Return products that's under the checkboxes, the products will be marked as returned and a credit slip will be created. PrestaShop sends automatically an email to the customer notifying them that a credit slip has been created.

Download a Credit Slip from the Order Details Page

If you want to download and view a credit slip, there are two ways you can do that. One way is from the section for managing credit slips in the admin panel (Orders menu>Credit Slips sub-menu). The other way is to do it from the order details page of the particular order. To use this method, go to Orders menu>Orders sub-menu and select the order. On the order details page there's a block Documents. In that block you'll see listed the credit slip. Click on its ID number and use the window that pops out to download it.

Download Credit Slips, Generate a PDF File with Many Credit Slips, Change the Credit Slip Prefix

In the admin panel there's a section for managing credit slips. To access it, go to Orders menu>Credit Slips sub-menu in the admin panel. From there you can download any of the credit slips, you can generate a PDF file with many credit slips in it and you can change the prefix used in the names/IDs of credit slips.

On the page that opens after you go to Orders menu>Credit Slips sub-menu there's a table showing all of the existing credit slips. To download a credit slip, simply click on the button Download credit slip corresponding to the particular credit slip.

Under this table there's a block Print a PDF. With the options in that block you can generate a PDF file that contains all the credit slips created during a specified period of time. Set the period using the fields From and To and click on the button Generate PDF file.

On the same page there's a block Credit Slip Options that contains the setting Credit slip prefix. By default, no prefix is used. The prefix is shown together with the ID numbers of credit slips. Without a prefix credit slip IDs have the form #000001, #000002, etc. If, for example, you put a prefix EN, then the IDs will be #EN000001, #EN000002, etc. If you have installed more than one language, you can set a different prefix for each language. If you change the prefix don't forget to click on the Save button.

Links for Downloading Credit Slips on the Frontend

Customers can download their credit slips from the account settings on the frontend of your site. On the account's homepage they have to select the section My Credit Slips. This will list all of their credit slips. For each credit slip there's a link with which it can be downloaded.

For screenshots and some more details you can also check out the tutorial on how to manage credit slips in PrestaShop.

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