How to configure Opera Mail to connect to an email account

Opera Mail is a free cross-platform email client. It comes as part of the Opera internet browser. You can download it from Opera's official site.

You can create an email account that you can then add in Opera Mail from the Email section of the Pixie control panel. If you don't know how to do this, read the tutorial on creating an email account.

To add a new email account in Opera Mail, after you start Opera browser click on the Opera menu in the upper left corner and select Mail and Chat Accounts. Confirm that you want to add an email account, then from the new window that opens select Email and click on Next. On the next window type your name (any name you want to use) and the full email address. Click on Next to continue.

On the next page type your full email address (e.g. in the field for Login name and the password in the respective field. Select either IMAP or POP for an email account type and click on Next.

On the next window you can leave the default names for the incoming and outgoing server (e.g., provided your domain points to our server and you don't want to use encryption. If you want to use encryption mark the checkboxes Use secure connection (TLS) for both incoming and outgoing, and in the fields for server name type the name of the HostKnox server hosting your account. After that click on Finish.

Then, in the mail panel that appears on the left side of the browser click with the right mouse button on the name of the email account and select Properties. On the new window that opens click on the Servers tab to set the correct port numbers for the incoming and outgoing server: 465 for outgoing (SMTP) server with encryption; 587 for outgoing without encryption; 993 for IMAP incoming server with encryption; 143 for IMAP without encryption; 995 for POP incoming server with encryption; 110 for POP without encryption.

Click on OK and you're ready to use your email account through Opera Mail.

For screenshots and some more details read the tutorial on configuring Opera Mail to connect to your email account.

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