Core FTP Tutorial

How to set Core FTP to connect to your hosting account

Core FTP is an FTP client (also supports FTPS, SFTP) for Windows users. It has a free version: Core FTP LE and a paid one: Core FTP Pro.

Here we'll show you how to set Core FTP LE to connect to your account through FTP. Core FTP Pro is set in the same way. You can download the application from the Core FTP official site and also read something more about its features.

After you download and install Core FTP on your local computer, before starting the program, make sure you have created an FTP user. HostKnox clients can do that from the FTP Usernames section of the HostKnox control panel. There you'll see a link Add FTP Username on the right side of the screen. After you click on it you have to type the name and password for your new user, and you can also restrict the access to a particular directory.

Once you've done these things you can start Core FTP and go to the Site Manager. To do that you can either press the icon just below the menus in the upper left side (there's also one exactly above the box displaying the files on your local computer) or go to the Sites menu and there select Site Manager:

Core FTP Sites Menu

In the Site Manager first press the button New Site, then in the field for Host/IP/URL type your domain name (e.g., in the fields for Username and Password type those for the FTP user you created earlier and then just press Connect. You can leave the rest of the options as they are:

Core FTP Site Manager

Once you click on Connect you will see your account's folders in the right box, opposite the ones on your local computer. You can download, delete, rename, etc files and folders by selecting them with the left mouse button and then pressing the right mouse button and choosing the desired action. To upload and download you can also drag files and folders from one side to the other.

You can also use the Quick connect to connect to your account. To use it you can click on one of the buttons, the yellow ones which look like a lightning, or go to the File menu and select Quick connect. There you also need to type only your domain and the name and password for the FTP user.